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Precision standards deliver the results you want for affordable luxury residential construction, custom cottage builds, and home renovation.

When functionality is as important as form, Evercy Homes specializes in creating spaces for the modern consumer. Embracing the tiny home movement, and the latest IOT and Smart Home technologies, we purpose build for Millennials entering the homes market who are mindful of their carbon footprint, energy consumption, and utilizing ethical materials.

Working from the initial design to adding the finishing touches, our dedication to clients’
vision allows us to tackle complex projects, guide you through budgets, and ensure you stay
on track, each step of the way. Our highly qualified and experienced tradespeople, craftsmen,
and project managers are always on your side.

Serving our clients above their expectations is paramount. We ensure our team maintains regular contact throughout the project, trades and managers offering any information or education you’d like, and reliving the final project with minimal unexpected surprises—solving any issues in a transparent, professional, and timely manner.





Mike and Michelle Yates have been running Sunrise Construction for over a decade. With a vision to provide their expert knowledge and experience, and cater to today’s new generation of home owners, they founded Evercy Homes—building tailored Homes and Cottages with an intimate focus on Smart Home Technology, Energy Efficiency, and Mindful Materials. In other words, Building With a Purpose™.

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Evercy Technology

When you’re away, you can rest easy knowing you have complete control and insight of your home. Our seamless IOT and Smart Home Technology integration push the worries out of your mind with just a quick glance of your phone or tablet. Connecting all the devices and appliances in your home let them communicate with each other, and with you— anywhere in the world.

Evercy Energy

Directly answering to our clients’ desire to minimize their carbon footprint, and have an ethically and efficient home; our designs combine state of the art construction, appliances, and lighting— all with commercially available renewable energy systems like solar water heating and electricity. Our mission is to reduce home energy use as much and as cost effectively as possible, meeting requirements with on-site renewable systems.



One of the most versatile and important spaces for the modern home, the Kitchen is one the cornerstones of family life. From preparing meals, enjoying quality time, or hosting intimate occasions; he right design means your family and guests will love being in the space, and the right build will ensure it continues to satisfy for years to come.

Living Rooms

The ultimate place to gather friends and family, the Living Room is a space that should embrace and amaze with architectural features & accents like floor-to-ceiling windows, open layouts, or natural stone fireplaces.


Whether adding a new Bathroom or renovating an existing space, this is an opportunity to accommodate household needs or build the relaxing spa you always wanted; all while creating a soothing and rejuvenating oasis.


A cozy heath by a crackling fire, walk in closet with near infinite spaces for your wardrobe, and a comfortable private escape to guide your dreams. The Bedroom should be your personal space of comfort and beauty. Let us help refine your vision!


A dedicated space to safely house your vehicles, recreational crafts, and general household equipment, the Garage is the essential answer to enhance a home while meeting your current and potential future needs. Planning ahead and securing your belongings, we can add value and aesthetics to your property through design!


The perfect Outdoor setting is booth uplifting and soothing. There’s no need to choose between immersing yourself in nature, and protecting yourself from the harsher elements. It’s simple to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your comfort zone by adding a living space close to nature without the less appealing bugs, weather, and harsh UV.